A Guide to DIY Your Most Effective Outdoor First Aid Kit
Apr 01 , 2021

About outdoor first aid guide

Buying ready-made first aid kits on the market is cheaper, and it is enough to deal with medical problems during travel and picnics. However, a first-aid kit that you are familiar with allows you to customize the content according to any outdoor activities you are engaged in, and discard items that you might not use.

You must know, the best first aid kit is a tool kit that knows how to use.

If you spend a lot of time in remote areas, we strongly recommend that you invest in wilderness first aid courses. This is just a weekend of your time, which can save a day of life. If you want to learn more about the first aid guide with rich content by reading, a complete guide can also achieve the purpose of learning how to use first aid tools correctly.

After receiving some education, you should gather the knowledge needed for the beginning of a basic first aid kit.

Preparation of DIY first aid kit

Different widths and materials to deal with different areas and types of damage.
Generally there are: gauze rolling strip bandage: suitable for treating general wounds, mainly used as a fixed dressing. Elastic rolling strip bandage: It is elastic and can be used to treat injuries such as general strains, sprains, varicose veins, etc., in addition to treating wounds, to fix injured limbs and reduce swelling. Triangular bandage: Triangular bandages can be used in full width or folded into bandages with different widths. It is usually used as a hand hanging to support the upper limbs.
Several sizes of bandages: finger bandages, knuckle bandages, wound closure bands.

Made of several layers of gauze, the texture is flexible. Mainly used to cover wounds and absorb secretions; wounds with more bleeding and secretions can be thickened and covered.

Dressing Bag
The dressing pack consists of cotton pads and rolling strip bandages. Cover the wound with a cotton pad (ie dressing), and then fix it with the attached rolling bandage.

Introduce the use of several commonly used disinfection potions: 1. Gentian Violet (purple potion): Speed up wound scabs and speed up wound healing. 2. Mercury (red syrup): protects wounds and has antibacterial effects. 3. Alcohol and iodine: used for surface disinfection of non-mucosal wounds. Not to be used for disinfection of damaged mouth. 4. Hydrogen peroxide: used for basic disinfection of contaminated mucosa or damaged mouth.

Clean Cotton Ball
Used to clean wounds, soak in disinfectant when using.

Disinfection Tape
Usually used to treat small wounds. Before sticking the tape, you must make sure that the skin around the wound is dry and clean, otherwise it will not stick firmly.

Used to fix dressings, rolling strip bandages or triangular bandages.

Various Pills
Ibuprofen, used to reduce inflammation
Acetaminophen, used to relieve pain and reduce fever
Allergy relief, used to reduce allergic reactions
Relieves irritation and prevents bug bites and small rashes
Electrolyte tablets for dehydration
Snake medicine
Antibiotic ointment packet
Hand soap

Emergency pills

Other Projects
Vacuum pump
Wire or SAM splint
Oral thermometer
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation mask
Heat reflective blanket
Satellite messenger or personal beacon locator
Cloth tape
small scissors
Safety pin
Sterilization towel

In order to make the most of the first aid kit, please design it for your specific trip.

The best first aid kit for you

Get in the habit of ensuring that you have a full set of equipment before each trip. A hierarchical list containing all the items you need will help you keep track of the items you need to replenish at any time. Outdoor first aid kits generally have the above types of items. Bring a first aid kit to make your outdoor trip more at ease.

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