Outdoor First Aid Kit
It is ideal for hiking and camping, hunting and fishing, canoeing, kayaking and rafting, sailing and motorboating. This outdoor first aid kit contains all the necessary first aid items for minor pains and injuries.

Which kit should you get? Consider the following:

1. Team Size: The kit manufacturer usually uses the first aid kit for a one-day hike to estimate the number of people the kit will serve.

2. Trip Length/Distance: the same thing; you will usually find the estimated number of days in the product description of the kit.

3. Travel Activities: For example, the kit manufacturer may provide a fully waterproof bag to make the kit suitable for paddling. When you plan to do brisk sports such as trail running, a smaller, lighter kit is appropriate. Larger and more comprehensive bags are suitable for activities such as car camping.

4. 6-in-1 Comprehensive Kit: Even if you don’t know how to use everything, it’s valuable to get a toolkit that contains advanced tools and supplies, because other people in your team or area may have more medical knowledge. You can also grow into your toolkit by receiving medical training.

5. Travel Risk: For example, if the place you are going to is poison ivy and ticks, please consider adding poison ivy treatment and special tools for ticks to your kit.

6. Special needs: For example: if you need prescription drugs or EpiPen in town, you should add them to your outdoor first aid kit. In group travel, survey members so that everyone knows the special supplies in everyone's kit.

We work closely with the expedition’s doctors to ensure that our outdoor first aid kit series are fully equipped to deal with a variety of common injuries.
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