Travel First Aid Kit
Obtaining medical services during travel can be challenging, so it is recommended to bring an appropriate first aid kit.

The content of any first aid kit should be tailored to your personal itinerary, taking into account your travel type, destination, duration and any existing medical conditions.

The best first aid kit is simple and will have various dressings and equipment to deal with the absolute basics. More importantly, they can be used with little or no training. So which items should you include?

1. Plaster (bandage)
These are essential in any first aid kit. The most common form of minor injuries is cuts or scrapes, so it is always a good idea to carry a small amount of plasters of various sizes with you.

2. Gauze
Gauze is medically versatile. It can be used to apply pressure to wounds, clean wounds, absorb blood, help stop bleeding, and can even be used as a part of basic dressings for small and medium-sized wounds.

The best type of gauze to carry in the first aid kit is the individually packaged sterile square.

3. Crepe bandage (ACE or elastic bandage)
For something slightly larger than the wound, a basic crepe bandage can be used to keep the small dressing clean and in place until you get some medical attention.

Remember, you will only use them in emergencies.

4. Surgical tape
Surgical tape is one of the necessary emergency items. It is necessary to fix gauze or bandage on the wound.

5. Small scissors
This is standard on any first aid kit and is useful for trimming gauze or bandages to the right size.

6. Tweezers
Tweezers are another item commonly used in most first aid kits. They can be used to pull out debris, remove small stones or dirt when cleaning wounds, or any other practical purpose.

7. Disinfecting wipes
Disinfecting wipes are great for cleaning the dressing before applying it.

8. Painkillers
A small packet of basic paracetamol (acetaminophen if you are American) or any related brand name is usually sufficient, but ibuprofen or other similar medicines will also work.

9. Loperamide tablets
This helps to stop the diarrhea in a short time.

Keep in mind that these only apply to emergencies.

10. Antihistamine ointment
Every one of us encounters this situation during our journey: we are bitten by some form of insect, and we end up with painful, itchy bumps or rashes. Don't worry, antihistamine creams can help control itching and swelling.

11. Antibacterial cream
It is also a good idea to carry an antibacterial cream with you to treat any cuts and abrasions. This will help heal them faster and prevent any possible infections.

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