Outdoor First Aid
Sports often test the limits of our physical abilities and sometimes lead to injuries. Therefore, special first aid kits can really come in handy for quick and effective rescue.

But deciding what content can be challenging because they are usually determined by related sports.

For team sports
Injuries such as bruises, abrasions, and ankle sprains are more common in team sports, especially in football and hockey games. Therefore, your first aid kit needs to contain ice packs, elastic bandages and wound dressings, as well as blunt-ended scissors to cut the bandages, safety pins to fix the bandages, and microporous tape to seal the dressing on the wound or place it on minor wounds Cuts and scrapes.

For racket sports
An ankle brace may also be a good idea, because sprained ankles are especially common in very physical racket sports such as tennis and squash.

For athletics

For track and field sports such as trail running, hurdles, and high jumps, these include triangular bandage slings, hot and cold packs, and blister plasters. Cold packs are suitable for immediate treatment of sprains, while hot packs can be used for sore muscles.

We have long cooperated with experienced sports medical teams, and we provide a variety of ready-made sports first aid kits.

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