• Tattoo Machine Accessories
    Tattoo Machine Accessories
    Close to life, can not do without health. What is the difference between medical equipment and medical consumables? TICARE medical supplies to explain in detail what is medical equipment, what medical supplies, I hope this article can help you understand. "Medical apparatus and instruments" means instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other articles used on human bodies alone or in ...
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  • Outdoor first aid
    Outdoor first aid
    Every cloud has a silver lining. No one can avoid some critical situations, or even accidental injuries, and first aid has become our essential knowledge. What are the first aid knowledge of outdoor sports? We now work and life pressure is very big, because these pressure so we can't extract at ordinary times, so there are a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, these people often go out to play, especially...
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  • Rehabilitation therapy
    Rehabilitation therapy
    Happy life, health accompanied, is the guarantee of every patient's health! Rehabilitation training for mobility disorders 1. Rehabilitation training for mobility disorders Movement includes bed movement (turning over, sitting up), wheelchair movement and transfer.The causes of movement disorder include limited joint movement of upper or lower limbs, low limb muscle strength, coordination disorder...
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  • Laboratory supplies
    Laboratory supplies
    There is no way to identify errors except by experiment! Classification of laboratories The laboratory is the place where tests are carried out.Laboratory is the cradle of science, is the base of scientific research, the source of scientific and technological development, plays a very important role in the development of science and technology. Classification by attribution: One, the first is set ...
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  • Electronic thermometer
    Electronic thermometer
    Close to life, can not do without health. How do I use a medical electronic thermometer? 1. Before using the thermometer, the head of the thermometer should be disinfected with alcohol. 2, press the switch, the buzzer immediately beeping sound, at this time, the monitor will have a display. 3. The thermometer display will display the last measured temperature for about 2 seconds.The temperature sy...
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  • Inspection products
    Inspection products
    Regular detection of the body, the reasonable discharge of the body's functions! What are the hazards of facial diseases? The so-called "five senses" refer to the five organs of the human body: the ear, the eyebrow, the eye, the nose and the mouth. Common ent diseases: 1. Nasal diseases: allergic rhinitis, children's rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, simple rhinitis, acute rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinit...
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