• TICARE Medical: the 4th '168 Voices' Singing Songs Competition. Grand Occasion!
    Oct 17 , 2020

    TICARE Medical: the 4th '168 Voices' Singing Songs Competition. Grand Occasion!

    Today is October 17, TICARE MEDICAL is hosting the fourth "168 Voices"! Now follow my step to learn more about the grand event! The venue for this event is Mengtian Music Bar. Contestants and logistics teams from various companies have arrived one after another. At the entrance, we can see that the staff is using our forehead thermometer to measure the body temperature of each person entering the ...
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    Oct 13 , 2020


    A donation PPE  products to one new friend in Panama,whose boss got covid! The Virus of Covid is ruthless, the world has love! We wish all our customers & friends both are fine ! Take care always! We are fighting together...
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  • Happy National Day , We Fight With The COVID-19 Together.
    Oct 01 , 2020

    Happy National Day , We Fight With The COVID-19 Together.

    2020 is destined to be a special year. Not only China's Mid Autumn Festival and national day are on the same day, but also because the COVID-19 get everyone too much pain.The sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus has changed our lives. Recently, I saw a photo of a group of medical staff taking off their masks. Due to long hours of wearing medical equipment and experiencing m...
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  • TICARE Family In The Mid-Autumn Festival
    Sep 25 , 2020

    TICARE Family In The Mid-Autumn Festival

    The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar.For centuries, the Mid-Autumn Festival has encouraged family reunions, big feasts and enjoyment of a beautiful full moon. It entrusts thousands of Chinese people's best wishes for family happiness. It is the family-nation complex and cultural spirit that the Chinese nation has inherited endlessly. But...
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  • Chinese traditional Valentine's Day
    Aug 25 , 2020

    Chinese traditional Valentine's Day

    Chinese traditional Valentine's Day:The origin of Qixi Festival In China, on the night of the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th Lunar Month, the weather is warm and the flowers and trees of Zhi smell fragrant. This is what is commonly known as the Qixi Festival Dao, and some people also call it the "Qiqiao Festival" or "daughter's Day. " This is a traditional Chinese festival in the most romanti...
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  • online trade show 9th-16th September,2020
    Aug 24 , 2020 online trade show 9th-16th September,2020 online trade show 9th September,2020 Beijing Time:21:00-23:00, Pacific Time:05:00-07:00, 16th September,2020 Beijing Time:19:00-21:00, Pacific Time:03:00-05:00, Looking forward to your visit! The main display products are as follows: 1.Upper armfully automatic digital blood pressure meter 2.gauze swab / gauze spong 3.absorbent cotton roll crepe bandage crepe band...
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