Oct 21 , 2020

"A nurse will always give us hope, an angel with a stethoscope."


The definition of a nurse: Beyond duty. The first to work, the last to leave. Caring heart and soul. A unique soul will stay in your life for a minute and have an eternal impact on it. An authorized person, you can only meet within 12 hours, but she will put you and your people above them.

Nursing can be said to be an art and a science; one heart and one heart. The core is basic respect for human dignity and intuition for the needs of patients. This is supported by the mind, in the form of rigorous core learning. Due to the professional scope and complex skills of the nursing profession, each nurse will have specific strengths, passions and expertise.


What exactly do nurses do?


In the ever-changing field of nursing, there is no typical answer. Responsibilities range from making acute treatment decisions to providing vaccinations in schools. The key unifying characteristic of each role is the skills and motivation required to be a nurse. Through long-term monitoring of patient behavior and knowledge-based expertise, nurses are best suited to observe the patient's health in all directions.


Main Duty


- Before making important decisions, perform physical examinations and health records

- Provide health promotion, consultation and education

- Manage medications and other personalized interventions

- Coordinate care, cooperate with a wide range of healthcare

1. Evaluation: Nurses conduct in-depth evaluation of patients based on physiology, economy, society and lifestyle.

2. Diagnosis: The nurse makes a diagnosis by carefully considering the patient's physical symptoms and behavior.

3. Results/Plan: Nurses use their professional knowledge to set realistic goals for the rehabilitation of patients. Then closely monitor these goals.

4. Implementation: By accurately implementing the nursing plan, nurses ensure the consistency of patient care while carefully recording their progress.

5. Evaluation: By carefully analyzing the effectiveness of the nursing plan and studying the patient's response, nurses hone the plan to achieve the best patient outcomes.

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