What Is The Difference Between Polyethylene And Vinyl Gloves
May 27 , 2022

What is PE gloves: It is made of polyethylene LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE blown film. Its product features: economical and affordable, the surface of the glove is processed by concave and convex, which can prevent adhesion, and can be mixed with left and right hands. Widely used in household cleaning, laboratory inspection, mechanical gardening, food, hygiene and industrial and agricultural protection. It can also be used for hair dyeing, care and washing, and it can be worn when eating lobster and big bones to avoid the inconvenience of washing hands. It has the functions of waterproof, oil-proof, bacteria-proof, acid and alkali resistance. Classification of PE: LDPE low density polyethylene (also known as high pressure polyethylene), LLDPE linear low density polyethylene, MDPE medium density polyethylene, HDPE high density polyethylene (also known as low pressure polyethylene), UHMWPE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene modified Polyethylene Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) Ethylene Copolymer ), ethylene-unsaturated fat copolymers (EAA, EMAA, EEA, EMA, EMMA, EMAH). Polyethylene with a fraction of 3 million to 6 million is called ultra-high fraction polyethylene (UHMWPE). The strength of ultra-high fraction polyethylene is very high and can be used to make body armor.

Production process of PE gloves: PE gloves are made of (LDPE/HDPE) low and high density polyethylene materials and are refined and processed with other additives. The surface of disposable PE gloves is uneven or flat, bright in color, transparent, uniform in thickness and easy to wear. Convenient and comfortable.

Application scope of PE gloves: PE gloves are suitable for food processing, scientific research, electronic dust workshops, and star-rated hotels. Features of PE gloves: Disposable PE gloves, made of LDPE/HDPE low and high density polyethylene material, embossed on the surface, 10,000 pieces per box. Advantages of PE gloves: Disposable PE gloves are disposable, waterproof, oil-proof, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Disposable PE gloves are non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for home and hotel kitchen food processing and conditioning, hair dyeing, care and washing, cleaning and use, hospital work, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, can prevent clothes from getting dirty during meals, low price, one time The sexual PE gloves factory produces one-stop production from fabrics to finished products. The disposable PE gloves can be customized with the thickness, color and size specified by the customer. The disposable PE gloves are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals (lead, chromium), non-toxic, odorless, Corrosion-resistant, tear-resistant, not hard in winter, can be customized into degradable fabrics, recyclable.

What is PVC gloves: Gloves made of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, with anti-static properties, Class1000 clean room treatment, high-purity water and ultrasonic cleaning. Class1000 clean room cleaning/processing/packaging/warehousing. The gloves are flat, no color difference, no impurities, no smell, uniform color, uniform quality, guaranteed quality Class10000 PVC gloves are suitable for use in standard Class10000 dust-free clean rooms.

Scope of application: 1. High-quality PVC material. 2. Use with both hands, curled wrist. 3. Unique post-processing technology, no skin irritation and allergy. 4. Low dust generation and ion content, vacuum-free Packaging. 5. Suitable for clean room/clean room/purification workshop/semiconductor, hard disk manufacturing, precision optics, optical electronics, LCD/DVD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, PCB printing and other industries. PVC gloves are widely used in hygiene Labor protection and home hygiene in inspection, food industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint and coating industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other industries.

Features: PVC gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride through a special process. Gloves are free of allergens, powder-free, low in dust generation, low in ion content, free from plasticizers, esters, silicone oils and other ingredients, with strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and touch, easy to wear and comfortable, with Anti-static properties, can be used in a dust-free environment.

Grading standard: A-grade product: no holes on the surface of the gloves (powdered PVC gloves), the powder is uniform, no obvious powder, the color is transparent milky white, no obvious ink spots, no impurities, and the dimensions and physical properties of each part meet customer requirements. . Grade B product: slight stains, 3 small black spots (1mm≤diameter≤2mm), or a large number of small black spots (diameter≤1mm) (diameter>5), deformation, impurities (diameter≤1mm), slightly colored Yellow, severe nail marks, cracks, the size and physical properties of each part do not meet customer requirements. Waste: Holes, serious oil stains, serious yellowing, impurities (diameter>1mm), no curling or broken edges, ripped, scratched, torn, cracked, sticky, leftover material. Self-repairing products: large amount of powder, large curling edge, slightly dirty, slightly sticky, small black oil powder on fingertips, physical properties meet customer requirements. Grade A gloves are allowed to have ≤5 gloves with mild nail prints and ≤3 gloves with severe nail prints.

The difference between the use of PE gloves and PVC gloves: PE is polyethylene (the material of cling film) and PVC is polyvinyl chloride (the material of some plastic products), so PE can contact food, but PVC is best not. Both are not very heat-resistant, especially PE, which melts when touched. PP, PE, PVC are all plastics, of which PE is polyethylene plastic, non-toxic, transparent, and air-permeable. It is often used in the manufacture of daily necessities such as simple food packaging bags, disposable syringes, water supply and drainage pipes (easy to degrade and age), etc. PP is a polymer Acrylic plastic is non-toxic, highly transparent, has good strength and corrosion resistance. It has all the advantages of PE. It is often used in the manufacture of daily necessities, plastic medical equipment such as transparent plastic washbasins, disposable syringes, etc. Commonly used in daily necessities and building decoration, such as the decoration of interior walls and ceilings, such as drainage pipes.
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