Medical Consumables

Medical Consumables

Ticare is a medical consumable manufacturer in China. We have excellent service and high-quality products. Our main medical consumable products are nitrile gloves, latex gloves, first aid bandages, non-woven bandages, medical air compressor nebulizers, disposable shoe covers, ICU ventilators, medical protective masks,  portable digital thermometers, etc. You are welcome to inquire about our products at any time.
  • Disposable Pap Smear Kit - TICARE HEALTH
    Disposable Pap Smear Kit
    Disposable Pap Smear Kit
    A disposable Pap smear kit, also known as a cervical screening kit, is a medical device designed for collecting samples of cells from the cervix for cervical cancer screening. It is a single-use kit that typically contains all the necessary components for performing the procedure.
  • Plastic Forceps - TICARE HEALTH
    Plastic Forceps
    Plastic forceps, also known as plastic tweezers, are medical instruments designed for a wide range of applications. They are similar in appearance to traditional forceps or tweezers, but they are made entirely of plastic, often using materials such as nylon or polypropylene.
  • Plastic Hemostats - TICARE HEALTH
    Plastic Hemostats
    Plastic hemostats are medical instruments used to control bleeding during surgical procedures or other medical interventions. They are designed to clamp blood vessels temporarily, allowing surgeons or healthcare professionals to work on the area without excessive bleeding.
  • Plastic Dressing Pliers - TICARE HEALTH
    Plastic Dressing Pliers
    Plastic dressing pliers are specialized medical instruments used in various medical and surgical procedures. They are designed to handle delicate or sensitive tissues without causing damage or trauma.
  • Sponge Swab Stick - Medical Applicator - TICARE HEALTH
    Sponge Swab Stick - Medical Applicator
    Sponge Swab Stick - Medical Applicator
    A medical sponge stick, also known as a sponge swab stick or medical applicator, is a specialized medical device commonly used in healthcare settings for various purposes. It typically consists of a handle or stick made of plastic or wood, with a sponge tip attached at one end.
  • Cyto Brush - TICARE HEALTH
    Cyto Brush
    A cyto brush, also known as a cervical brush or cytobrush, is a medical device used in gynecological examinations to collect cells from the cervix for cytology testing, such as a Pap smear. It is specifically designed to obtain cellular samples from the surface of the cervix, which can then be examined under a microscope for the detection of abnormal cells or signs of cervical cancer.
  • CHG Prep Swab Applicator - TICARE HEALTH
    CHG Prep Swab Applicator
    A CHG (chlorhexidine gluconate) prep swab applicator is a specialized swabstick designed for preoperative or pre-procedural skin preparation in medical and healthcare settings. It is used to apply a chlorhexidine-based solution to the skin, specifically targeting the reduction of bacteria and preventing surgical site infections.
  • Povidone Iodine Swabsticks - TICARE HEALTH
    Povidone Iodine Swabsticks
    Povidone iodine swabsticks are pre-saturated swabsticks that contain a solution of povidone iodine, a chemical complex composed of povidone (polyvinylpyrrolidone) and iodine. Povidone iodine is a commonly used antiseptic agent with broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties.
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swabsticks - TICARE HEALTH
    70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swabsticks
    70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swabsticks
    70% isopropyl alcohol swabsticks are pre-saturated swabsticks that contain a solution of isopropyl alcohol, diluted to a concentration of 70%. Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, is a common antiseptic and disinfectant used for various medical, first aid, and general cleaning purposes.
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