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Nov 02 , 2021
Home first aid kits, as the name suggests, are first aid bags or first aid boxs mainly used in daily life of the family. Its main characteristics are medium size, rich contents, but easy to carry.

It usually contains basic medical supplies such as: sterile cotton swabs, gauze, bandages, ice packs, band-aids, thermometers, etc. In addition, some medicines such as cold medicines, antidiarrheal medicines, and cooling oils are usually prepared. The household first aid kit can be a bag or a box. It must be strong and wear-resistant, and it also has a beautiful appearance packaging. It is very common to bump and bump at home. People most often use band-aids. I don’t know whether the wound is serious or not. The first thing to do is disinfection, then hemostasis, bandaging and so on. Proper treatment can help the body as quickly as possible. Recovery can also reduce the possibility of leaving scars.

Many families in Europe, America, Japan and other countries will be equipped with a first aid kit so that they can save their lives in the critical moment of life and death. Nitroglycerin tablets (or sprays) and quick-acting Jiuxin pills are emergency medicines. The family medicine box should be equipped with 6 types of medicines such as surgical medicines for treating skin injuries, cold medicines, and digestive medicines. In addition, first-aid medicines should be checked and replaced regularly every 3 to 6 months, and special attention should be paid to the expiry date of the medicines.

The medicine box should also be equipped with band-aids and aspirin to deal with emergencies such as trauma and pain!

Almost all American families are equipped with a first aid kit. The American Red Cross listed 10 first aid medicines and tools that should be equipped in a family first aid kit, including: various sizes of band-aids, sterile gauze and medical tape, disposable gloves, tweezers, thermometers, antibiotics, sterile tissues, first aid Manuals, topical antihistamines and aspirin, masks, etc.

In some emergency situations, such as cardiac arrest, most of the rescue time is actually pre-hospital first aid, and winning the rescue time can reduce the disability rate. Self-test, self-management and self-care are effective supplementary treatments for professional rescue. Family emergency medicines and tools are not just to deal with the occurrence of major disasters such as earthquakes. In fact, they can also come in handy in daily life. Some emergency medicines and tools are needed.

Expert suggestion: Family medicine box is equipped with 7 kinds of medicine
1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergency medicine. Including nitroglycerin, Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, Shexiang Baoxin Pills, Compound Danxin Dropping Pills, etc. In an emergency, a tablet of nitroglycerin can be taken under the tongue. At present, a new spray of nitroglycerin is more convenient. Suxiao Jiuxin Pills contain 4-6 capsules under the tongue.
2. Surgical drugs. Including small scissors, hemostatic paste, sterile gauze, bandage, hemostatic paste is used to stop bleeding from small wounds, and gauze and bandages should be used for larger wounds. In addition, Aner Iodine, Bai Duobang, scald ointment, Yunnan Baiyao spray, etc. are used to treat trauma. However, it should be noted that once the wound bleeds or becomes infected, seek medical attention in time. Small and deep wounds and animal bites should be treated in time to the hospital to prevent tetanus or other special infections.
3. Cold medicine. The family medicine box should be equipped with 1 to 2 kinds of cold medicines, such as cold antipyretic granules, quick-acting cold capsules, white plus black, Baifenning, etc. Read the instructions carefully before taking it, especially do not mix multiple cold medicines, so as to avoid the superimposed effects of the drugs. In addition, it is not recommended to equip home medicine boxes with antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescription drugs and have certain side effects and should be used under the guidance of a doctor.
4. Digestive system drugs. Including Imodium, Zhixiening, Smecta, Horn Zhenglu Pills, Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills, etc., these drugs can treat non-infectious diarrhea. If infectious diarrhea is suspected, seek medical attention. Frequent vomiting, especially hematemesis and hematochezia, should be sent to hospital immediately.
5. Anti-allergic drugs. In the case of allergies, skin redness, rashes after eating seafood, and caterpillars, you can use antihistamines such as carretan, astemizole, and chlorpheniramine, but chlorpheniramine has strong side effects such as drowsiness.
6. Analgesics. For example, aspirin, bilitone, Tylenol, Fenbid, etc., can relieve headache, joint pain, low back pain, muscle pain and other symptoms.

7. Antihypertensive drugs. Such as Luohuoxi, Kaibotong, Monano, Bisoprolol, Cozaar, etc., but the above are all prescription drugs and should be used under the guidance of a doctor. What needs to be reminded is that hypertensive patients should do a good job of self-management of chronic diseases, remember to take medicine at home, and don't forget to take medicine when traveling on business or outing.

The medicine in the family first aid kit should be checked and replaced regularly, preferably every 3 to 6 months, and a first aid manual is best. In addition, symptoms are only one of the basis for disease diagnosis. One symptom may be a manifestation of multiple diseases. Random medication may cover up the symptoms, or even misdiagnose or miss the diagnosis. The medication should be used after the diagnosis is clear.

The above are commonly used first aid items, but if there are elderly people in the family, or have heart disease, etc., supplement medicines for special situations.
1. Most elderly people have constipation, and there are reports that some elderly people die suddenly due to constipation. Lu Yong said that simple constipation will not cause sudden death, but intestinal obstruction caused by constipation and excessive force during defecation can cause accidents. It is recommended to equip Kaisailu, Guodao, glycerin suppository, etc.
2. Oxygen generator. If you suffer from coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, etc., it is recommended to prepare an oxygen generator. If the patient cannot be relieved by oxygen inhalation at home, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.
3. Stroke. It is rumored that Angong Niuhuang Pills can be used to prevent stroke or as a first aid for stroke. If you are slurred and speechless, it is best to take one pill. Lu Yong said that Angong Niuhuang Pill is not an emergency medicine, and should be sent to the hospital immediately for stroke.

The medicine box should be placed on the bedside of the elderly, and you can reach it as soon as you reach out, especially when you get sick at night. In addition, the family medicine box is only used for emergency. Sudden symptoms are relieved after taking the medicine and should be checked in the hospital to avoid missed treatment opportunities. In addition, when the elderly at home go out alone, they should carry first aid and a card with their name, address, contact number, and illness with them, so that they can be treated in time in an emergency.

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