What to Put in a First Aid Kit
Feb 24 , 2022

Car First Aid Kit

A car first aid kit is a package of medical first aid equipment and drugs equipped on a vehicle. It can be used for self-rescue in the event of a traffic accident causing casualties. It is one of the means to effectively reduce the number of traffic deaths.

The vehicle first aid kit mainly includes dressing supplies like elastic headgear, snap-on tourniquet, elastic bandage, etc., sterile dressings like gauze, bandage, disposable gloves, etc., instruments and tools like first aid scissors, medical tweezers, safety pins, life-saving whistle, etc.

To prepare a first aid kit, you must first study the configuration in the first aid kit, understand what these configurations are and how to use them. In the event of an emergency, self-rescue and mutual rescue must be carried out in an orderly manner.

Triangular scarf, 90x90x136cm, 1 piece, used for fracture fixation of arm and other parts

Elastic headgear, medium size 1, used for compression or bandaging of head trauma; put the headgear directly on the head

First aid blanket, 140x210cm, 1 piece, heat insulation and anti-cold function, prevent shock, used to transport the wounded, wrapped around the body, can also be used for reflective warning

Snap-on tourniquet, medium size, 1 piece, used for ligation and hemostasis of limb bleeding; wrapped around the upper arm or the root of the thigh, can be pulled out for pressure

Elastic bandage, 10x500cm/7.5x450cm, 1 roll each, used for dressing wounds and fracture fixation splint, and also for expelling blood and swelling, relieving swelling and pain of limbs

Mouth-to-mouth respirator, single valve, 1 pc, for mouth-to-mouth respirator during CPR

Medical gloves, large, 1 pair, avoid direct contact with the wound and avoid cross infection

Hemostatic pad, 20cmx10cm, 2 packs, used for wound compression to stop bleeding, blood sucking and exudate from wounds

Disposable quick-cooling bag, 125g, 1 bag, pinch the inner bag, shake the ice pack, and apply it to the affected area. For cooling, sprain, hematoma and other treatments

Sterile gauze laminations, 7cmx6cmx2 pieces, 1 pack, used for wound isolation and hemostasis dressing, directly used on the wound, need to be fixed with tape or bandage

Sterile wound dressing, 7cmx6cm, 1 pack, used for incision and dressing after wound debridement, align the dressing core to the wound surface, and press the dressing if necessary

Band-Aid, 70x18mm/6 stickers/pack, 1 pack, for small wounds, wound dressing

Iodophor sticks, 5x8cm/pack, 1 pack, used for disinfection of skin and direct contact; open the package and break the white cotton swab and use it directly

Isolation mask, medium size, 1 piece, used to isolate the contamination of the wound by the vapor in the mouth and nose

Cooling motion sickness sticker, medium size, 1 sticker, used to cool down and reduce fever

Burn dressing, 60x40cm, 1 pack, for external use during burns, apply the burn ointment to the burn site after applying sterile burn dressing.

First aid scissors, round head, 1 pair, used to cut bandages or clothing around the wound. If you need to touch the wound, use iodine/fire to disinfect

Medical tweezers, 12.5 cm, 1 pair, used to pick up medical supplies such as alcohol cotton balls

Alcohol cotton pads, 5x5cm/6 pieces/pack, 1 pack, for disinfection of skin and direct contact

Moisturizing wipes, medium size, 2 bags, used to clean the skin and antibacterial disinfection, tear off the package and apply directly to the skin

Antibacterial wipes, medium size, 2 bags, used for skin cleansing and antibacterial disinfection, just tear the package and rub it directly on the skin

Medical tape, 1cmx10m, 1 roll, used to fix dressings and bandages, directly pasted on fixed parts such as dressings and bandages

Safety pins, 3.5 cm, 5 pcs, used to fasten triangles, clothes and other items

Life-saving whistle, 1, when you need rescue, it will give a whistle to remind yourself of your position

Glass thermometer, single pack, 1, measure body temperature: normal body temperature is 36-37℃, throw off the mercury column, wipe off the sweat clip under the armpit for 10 minutes

First aid manual, 1 copy, instructing correct first aid knowledge and specific descriptions and illustrations of first aid items.

Home First Aid Kit

Home First Aid Kit is a comprehensive first aid kit for family accidental disasters, such as fire, cuts, other man-made disasters and natural disasters such as earthquakes. Equipped with the necessary emergency supplies for the family, in the event of an accident or disaster, the items in the emergency kit can be used for self-rescue and mutual rescue to ensure the safety of you and your family. Special attention should be placed in the home where it is easily accessible for emergency use.

Outsourcing emergency kits:

1. Large waterproof luminous backpack

Disaster prevention and rescue category:

2. 3000 Hz disaster prevention emergency high-frequency whistle + 3.10 meters reflective escape rope

Disaster prevention lighting:

4. 3-4 hours special candle (4) + 5. Windproof and waterproof double-headed matches + 6. Portable multi-function emergency flashlight

Disaster prevention class:

7. Dust mask (3)+8. Anti-slip gloves+9. Disaster prevention emergency raincoat+10. Earthquake Japan special compressed towel gloves

Disaster prevention life category:

+11.Insulation emergency blanket+12.Insulation tent+13.Ultra-thin insulation sleeping bag+14.Multifunctional folding shovel medium+15.15L folding bucket+16.Multifunctional tool axe+17.Multifunctional pliers

Disaster prevention and first aid:

18. Empty first aid kit+19. Band-Aid 19x72m+20. Band-Aid 10x45mm+21. Gauze bandage+22. Bandage+23. Cotton ball+24. Metal tweezers+25. Scissors+26. Non-woven tape+27. Alcohol disinfection Sheet+28. Cotton swab

Fire emergency kits usually include: 5 sets, 7 sets, 8 sets, 11 sets, 12 sets; it can also be configured according to people's actual needs.

5-piece set includes (fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful searchlight, waist axe, emergency kit)

7-piece set includes (fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful searchlight, waist axe, fire rope, fire hook, emergency kit)

8-piece set includes: (fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful searchlight, waist axe, fire rope, fire hook, pure cotton flame retardant blanket, emergency kit)

11-piece set includes: (fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful searchlight, waist axe, fire rope, fire hook, pure cotton flame retardant blanket, police boundary tape, reflective vest, baton, emergency kit)

12-piece set includes: (fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful searchlight, waist axe, fire rope, fire hook, pure cotton flame retardant blanket, police boundary tape, reflective vest, baton, fire gloves, emergency kit)

Car fire emergency kit: The 11-piece emergency kit is more suitable for the use of car rescue and rescue, especially the reflective device at night to prevent cars and people from being accidentally hit. The baton is helpful for rescue vehicles to find the target in time, and many other uses.

Fire escape kit accessories: fire blanket: ultra-small light water fire extinguisher: simple breathing mask: escape rope: non-slip gloves: emergency flashlight: distress whistle: smoke escape bag

Recently, experts from the Hong Kong Red Cross Medical Services Department have made a list for you.

1. Alcohol cotton: used to sterilize tools such as hands or pliers before first aid.

2. Gloves, masks: can prevent rescuers from being infected.

3. 0.9% normal saline: used to clean wounds. Based on hygienic requirements, it is best to choose individual small packages or medium-sized bottles. It should be noted that the leftovers should be thrown away after opening, and should not be put into the first aid kit. If not available, use unopened steamed hydrophobic or mineral water instead.

4. Sterilized gauze: used to cover wounds. It neither has the potential to leave filaments on the wound like cotton, nor does it move the wound when removed.

5. Bandages: Bandages are elastic and used to wrap wounds without hindering blood circulation. 2 inches is suitable for hands and 3 inches is suitable for feet.

6. Triangular scarf: Also known as triangular bandage, it has a variety of uses and can support injured upper limbs, fix dressings or fractures, etc.

7. Safety pin: fix the triangle towel or bandage.

8. Tape: The paper tape can fix the gauze, because it does not stimulate the skin, it is suitable for ordinary people to use; the zinc oxide tape can fix the bandage.

9. Band-Aid: Use when covering small wounds.

10. Cling wrap: Make use of the property that it will not stick to the wound, wrap the burnt or scalded area before sending it to the hospital.

11. Bag mask or artificial respiration mask: Prevent infection when artificial respiration is applied.

12. Round-head scissors, pliers: Round-head scissors are safer and can be used to cut tape or bandages. It can also be used to cut clothing when necessary. Forceps can be used in place of two-handed dressings, or forceps

Remove dirt from wounds, etc.

13. Flashlight: When rescuing in a dark environment, it can be used to illuminate; it can also be used for pupil response to fainted people.

14. Cotton swabs: used to clean small bleeding wounds.

15. Ice packs: Placed on the site of bruises, muscle strains or joint sprains to constrict the capillaries and help reduce swelling. When nosebleed, place it on the forehead of the injured person to help stop the bleeding.

Outdoor First Aid Kit

Outdoor first aid kits are specially designed for field workers and outdoor enthusiasts, and are suitable for personal protection in field exploration and outdoor adventures.

Outdoor first aid kits are usually divided into two parts, one part is medicine, the other part is some medical equipment. The medicine part mainly needs to prepare some standing cold medicines, antipyretic medicines, anti-inflammatory medicines, gastrointestinal medicines, etc. Some friends themselves often have headaches and gastrointestinal discomfort, and should prepare some medicines according to their physical conditions. In summer, medicines for heatstroke prevention and cooling such as rendan and mint ointment are also must-haves. In addition, in the south or in places where snakes and worms often haunt, snake medicine is even more essential.

In addition to the medicine part, it should also be equipped with necessary external medical equipment, including band-aids, gauze, elastic bandages, emergency blankets, etc. Before setting out, read the instructions carefully and remember the usage, dosage and contraindications of each drug.

Always check the production date and shelf life of the medicines in the first-aid kit to ensure that all the medicines in the first-aid kit are within the shelf-life to prevent more troubles caused by overdue or mistaken consumption. In fact, the contents of the first aid kit are not only useful when you are injured, but also can be used in other situations. For example, band-aids can also temporarily repair damaged jackets, raincoats, sleeping bags, tents, etc.; gauze can also be used as a water filter in addition to bandages, elastic bandages can be used as temporary knee pads and ankle pads when joints are sprained, etc., to help ligaments recover, and can also be used as a Temporary emergency tourniquet is used.

Content list:

First aid blanket

Snap-on tourniquet

Safety pin

Triangular towel (non-woven fabric)

Medical elastic bandage

Medical absorbent gauze

Iodophor cotton swab

Band Aid

Medical tape (non-woven substrate)


Disposable Rubber Exam Gloves

Cleaning wipes

Sealed bag

First Aid Manual

With the increasing popularity of outdoor sports, people should not ignore outdoor safety. Outdoor emergency equipment kits may come in handy at critical moments. An outdoor emergency kit has 9 items:

1. Life jacket: It can save lives in an emergency

2. Life rope: It is made of 2.6mm aviation steel wire rope core, which can be fixed on a solid object;

3. Life-saving food: life-saving rations and life-saving fresh water;

4. Signal tools: lithium battery distress lights, whistle, etc. to send out distress signals;

5. Simple thermal insulation bag: used to keep out the cold in a cold environment;

6. Waterproof flashlight: necessary at night;

7. Radar reflector: radar can accurately locate;

8. Daylight signal mirror: can send a signal to air rescue personnel;

9. Rocket parachute signal: It can be launched about 200 meters into the sky, which is convenient for rescuers to determine the position.

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