Doctor's clothing
Jul 09 , 2020

Curative effect from professional medical treatment, rehabilitation is not far away.

TICARE Medical Doctor's clothing

Title of doctor

A physician, usually a clinician, who studies medical science and technology, saves lives, and cures diseases.According to the ministry of health, WeiJianWei, the department of medical administration, laws and regulations related to health management regulation of doctor-patient communication, academic discussion, new technology promotion, prognostic analysis, public education, nursing, rehabilitation training, teaching hospital education, health and epidemic prevention, family planning, early recognition of a serious illness intervention such as legal political responsibility, shoulder some of the research work, prevent birth defects to improve population quality, saving lives, fulfill the illness truthfully inform, reasonably, the reasonable prescription, correct diagnosis, active treatment.Doctors professional risk and medical accidents and safety law awareness, avoid misdiagnosis in diagnosis, control iatrogenic secondary damage, correct illegal operations, such as legal responsibility, through regular clinical examination, skills training, mastering necessary medical clinical skills and the necessary medical theory, such as imaging, anatomy, pathology, medical genetics, pharmaceutical chemistry, rehabilitation medicine, reproductive health care, clinical forensic medicine, etc., obtain qualification, may not exaggerate the illness, frighten a patient, delay time to cause an accident, according to industry standards in clinical activities.Doctor, also known as doctor or doctor in ancient times, a large number of barefoot doctors emerged in China after the founding of new China, once numbering more than 1.5 million.Now the word "doctor" is also commonly used among northerners.In Europe and America, doctors were generally called "Physician", and only the surgeons were called "Surgeon".The French name for a surgeon is Decin(Medusan) and the German name is Arzt(arutsuto).But in the United Kingdom, British surgeons are still called "The Secret Service" today.

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