Electronic thermometer
Jul 09 , 2020

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TICARE Medical Electronic thermometer

How do I use a medical electronic thermometer?

1. Before using the thermometer, the head of the thermometer should be disinfected with alcohol.
2, press the switch, the buzzer immediately beeping sound, at this time, the monitor will have a display.
3. The thermometer display will display the last measured temperature for about 2 seconds.The temperature symbol on the display then flashes to indicate that the thermometer is in the state to be measured.
A thermometer is used to take one's temperature.As you take your temperature, your body temperature rises and the temperature symbol flashes constantly.
5, the temperature symbol stop flashing, at the same time the thermometer gave out about 5 seconds of beeping sound, at this time the thermometer finished measuring, can read the temperature displayed.
6. After the measurement, press the power button to turn off the power.

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