Medical ENT Diagnostic set /ophthalmoscope & otoscope set

Medical ENT Diagnostic Kit / Ophthalmoscope & Otoscope Kit is a professional electronic otoscope suitable for ENT diagnosis, ophthalmology diagnosis, examination in a hearing aid shop, and examination of own ear canal and tympanic membrane.
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Medical ENT Diagnostic set /ophthalmoscope & otoscope set 

MEDICAL ENT Diagnostic set has CE and FDA certificates and meets European and American standards. 

Materials of ophthalmoscope and otoscope, aluminum alloy and plastic, etc.It is a professional electronic ear speculum, which is suitable for the examination of the eye, ear, nose and throat department, hearing aid store and the examination of your own ear canal and eardrum.

The ENT diagnostic kit consists of different ENT tools for examining the ear, nose and throat. These tools are very helpful in finding out the exact condition of the patient's nose, ears and throat.

Otolaryngology diagnostic kit where doctors need to perform medical procedures on patients. For example, these tools can be used to locate foreign bodies in the nose, throat and ears. The different tools in the ENT Diagnostic Collection have their own purpose.

Product Description

Medical ENT Diagnostic Set, otoscope set

Product Parameters



1 -1 otoscope with swivel magnifying lens
-simple to attach and swivel 360°,4-fold magnification
2 -3 sizes ear speculum                 -reusable specula (2,3 &4mm)  with stainless steel fitting
3 -1 ophthalmoscope with lens wheel 
-Correcting lens diopters ranging from-20 to +20
4 -1 bent arm Illuminator

-2sizes laryngeal mirrors



-1 battery handl("C"battery not included)                                       

-ageing-resistant chrome-plated metal head 

- bayonet conector for quick and secure attachment to handle

7 -1 Batteries - 2xAA batteries
8 -1 tongue depressor holder
9 -1 spare halogen lamp
-HL2.5V halogen lamp,similar to daylight,simple exchange of lamp at the front of the instrument head

- manual

- plastic box

- PE bag

- color paper box


Otoscope: View the tympanic membrane, external ear canal to diagnose outer and middle ear pathologies.

Ophthalmoscope: Aperture with large circle for examination of the fundus of the eye. Focussing wheel with corrective lenses

Technical Parameter

It's with 2.5 V halogen lamp,similar to daylight,adjustable luminance.

Swivelling viewing window with 1X-2x magnification Contain 3 reusable metal aural specula of 2.4, 3.2 and 4mm Diopter.



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