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Jun 22 , 2020

Sharing knowledge about wearing masks

Medical masks are divided into three types. The first type is rectangular in structure.The second is a disposable medical mask, which is rectangular in structure similar to a surgical mask.The third type is a medical protective mask with a higher level of protection.

In terms of use, the medical protective mask is of the highest grade. In the novel Coronavirus infection prevention and treatment guide released by the Health Commission on January 26, it has been recommended that it should be worn and used by medical staff in special areas such as isolation ward, isolation intensive care unit and fever clinic.Generally, it is recommended to replace within 4 hours. If there is contamination, such as spillage on the outer surface or contamination and wetting on the inner surface during operation by invasive operators, it will be discarded.

Medical surgical masks and disposable masks are also used in different scenarios. Medical surgical masks are worn and used by medical staff during invasive operations to prevent blood and body fluid spillage. The appearance of surgical masks is required for blood and fluid prevention.

Disposable medical masks should be worn in the general medical environment. We recommend that people wear surgical masks in public places and at work.Disposable medical masks are worn in situations where the population density is not very high.

Wear a mask rationally: It is unnecessary to overprotect or wear a medical protective mask for a long time

Experts say that in terms of product standards, we do not specify how long such products should be used.There are some provisions in the manufacturer's instructions and precautions. For the general public, it is recommended to prolong the use time according to the use time and use scenes, such as ordinary drying, to avoid excessive use and excessive protection, and to avoid white pollution.

Medical protective masks are, after all, worn by professionals in specific areas. They have the requirement of tightness and relatively thick filter material, and long-term wearing of medical protective masks will make people feel uncomfortable and suffocated. Therefore, the public need not overprotect themselves or wear medical protective masks for a long time.

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