Merry Christmas, Our Happy Party With Gifts
Dec 25 , 2022

It's the annual Christmas again!

In general, during the christmas season, they also exchange gifts and decorate their homes with holly, mistletoe and christmas trees.

1. Preparation of the Christmas Cake
2. Decorating the Christmas tree
3. Lighting up the Christmas candle
4. Sending gifts to loved ones
5. Singing Christmas carols
6. Distributing Christmas candies
7. Making of cribs

These traditions have been carried out for decades, yet they are celebrated with more and more exuberance each year. The level of excitement has never gone down. It just keeps getting better and better with time.

May I know how do you celebrate Christmas?

Like us,

1. We will be decorate the room, also decorate the Christmas tree, in order to celebrate Christmas coming. At the same time, everyone plays santa claus and quietly places all kind of prepared Christmas gifts under the Christmas three .

2. On the day of our Christmas party, we will prepare snacks, cakes and drinks.

3. We bring the prepared gifts and go to the party, venue to start our party.

4. We started playing games, eating and chatting.

5. Give gifts. We put all the gifts that we prepared for each other on the table, and let the recipient guess who gave them the gift. Guess wrong and he/she will be punished.

It’s so funny.

We wonder if you are the same as us?

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