Rehabilitation therapy
Jun 22 , 2020

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TICARE Medical Rehabilitation therapy

Rehabilitation training for mobility disorders

1. Rehabilitation training for mobility disorders
Movement includes bed movement (turning over, sitting up), wheelchair movement and transfer.The causes of movement disorder include limited joint movement of upper or lower limbs, low limb muscle strength, coordination disorder of upper or lower limbs, hemiplegia of one limb, etc.
(1) Training for those with low muscle strength:
Grab the bars of the bed or the handrails next to the bed and turn over.
Tie a rope ladder at the end of the bed. The patient holds the rope ladder and sits up.
(3) Those with weak upper limbs can wear non-slip gloves to increase the friction, which is helpful to drive the wheelchair forward.
According to the muscle strength of different parts, the transfer can be supported transfer, sliding transfer, swing transfer or lift transfer.
(2) Training for people with coordination disorders:
(1) Persons with impaired coordination of upper limbs can use their feet to drive the wheelchair, so it is easiest to drive the wheelchair backward.But install a rearview mirror in case of an accident.
People with lower limb coordination disorder need to use an electric wheelchair.
(1) Training for hemiplegic patients:
Please refer to the relevant part of "cerebrovascular accident" in the first section of the fourth chapter of the "Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Guide -- Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation" for the methods of turning over and sitting up patients with hemiplegia.
(2) The upper and lower limbs of the healthy side cooperate with each other to drive the wheelchair forward and maintain the direction.
(3) The transfer method can adopt the auxiliary fulcrum transfer and independent fulcrum transfer.

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