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Surgical Operating Room Mobile Operating Lamp - LED Surgical Lights

Get superior surgical lighting with our high-quality Surgical Operating Lamp. Our lamps provide bright and clear illumination for precision surgical procedures, and come with adjustable settings for maximum flexibility.
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  Product name:   Surgical Operating Room Mobile Operating Lamp/LED Surgical Lights
  Diameter of lighthead(cm):   61/61
  LIIumination at 1m(lux):   60000-120000/60000-120000
  Light field diameter at 1m(cm):   10-28
  D10(mm):   180±15
  Diameter of spot D50(mm):   100±15
  L1+L2 Depth of illumination(cm):   110/110
  Color rendering index(Ra):   95
  Color temperature(K):   4500±500
  Number of LED bulbs:   72/72
  Average bulb life(hours):   50000
  Heat- to-light ratio(mW/m2 lx)   3.3
  Working distance(cm):   70-150
  Power supply:   100-240VA,50/60Hz
  Input power(W):   240VA
  Ceiling height for installation(cm):   270-320                     

Our Surgical Operating Lamp is an essential tool for any surgical setting, providing superior lighting for precision procedures. With its sleek and modern design, our Surgical Operating Lamp is the perfect addition to any surgical room.

  • Improved surgical outcomes: With bright and clear illumination, surgeons can perform procedures with greater precision and accuracy, potentially leading to better patient outcomes.
  • Customizable lighting: The adjustable settings on the lamp allow surgeons to customize the lighting to their specific needs, ensuring optimal visibility during procedures.
  • Cost-effective: Our lamps are built to last, providing long-lasting and durable performance that is cost-effective for any surgical setting.
  • Easy to use: The lamp is easy to set up and use, with a sleek and modern design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • High-quality: Our lamps are designed with the latest technology and are built to provide superior performance, ensuring that surgeons have access to the best lighting available.

These benefits can ultimately lead to better patient care and outcomes, making it a valuable investment for any surgical setting.

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