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Jun 22 , 2020

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TICARE Medical consumables

What is the difference between medical equipment and medical consumables?

TICARE medical supplies to explain in detail what is medical equipment, what medical supplies, I hope this article can help you understand.

"Medical apparatus and instruments" means instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other articles used on human bodies alone or in combination, including the software needed;Its effect on the body surface and in vivo is not obtained by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means

Medical apparatus and instruments refer to instruments, equipment, instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagents, calibrators, materials and other similar or related articles used directly or indirectly in the human body, including computer software required.

Utility is obtained primarily by physical means, not by pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic means, or is involved in such ways but plays a supporting role.

The purposes of diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or remission of diseases;Diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, remission or functional compensation of the injury;The examination, substitution, regulation or support of physiological structures or processes;Life support or maintenance;Pregnancy control;To provide information for medical or diagnostic purposes by examining samples from the human body.

The use of medical devices is intended to achieve the following objectives:

1.Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and remission of diseases.

2.Diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, mitigation and compensation of injury or disability.

3.The study, substitution, regulation, or support of anatomical or physiological processes.

4.The support or maintenance of life.

5.Pregnancy control.

6.To provide information for medical or diagnostic purposes by examining samples from the human body.

Medical consumables: accessories that are frequently consumed in hospitals.It mainly includes medical consumables and medical instruments.
Medical consumables include disposable infusion sets, disposable syringes, medical cotton balls, sutures and other common consumables, as well as implant consumables such as interventional stents, pacemakers, intraocular lenses, orthopedic materials, etc.

The first category refers to the medical devices that can ensure their safety and effectiveness through routine management.
Including basic surgical knives: Surgical Hilt and blade, skin knife, wart dissection knife, lancet, spatula, shaving knife, scurf scraper, lifting knife, blade knife, pedicure knife, manicure knife, scalpel, etc.

The second kind is to point to, the medical device that should try to control to its safety, effectiveness.
Including ordinary diagnosis instrument series: thermometer, blood pressure, physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment categories: magnetic therapy apparatus, clinical laboratory analytical instruments classes: families with blood glucose analyzer and the test paper, the operating room, emergency room, the doctor's office equipment and appliances categories: medical oxygen generator small and portable oxygen generator, medical health materials and dressings, quantico use absorbent cotton, medical absorbent gauze, medical polymer materials and products categories: condoms, contraceptive cap, etc.

The third category is implant;To support or sustain life;Medical apparatus and instruments that are potentially dangerous to human body and must be strictly controlled for their safety and effectiveness.

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