The 5th 168 Voices Singing Songs Competition
Dec 06 , 2021
TIME:Nov 20 , 2021

In November, TICARE MEDICAL is hosting the fifth 168 Voices!

The 5th 168 Voices Singing Songs Competition

There are many trophies in this singing competition.

Before the competition, we held an internal tryouts. On the one hand, it prepares the contestants for selecting beautiful songs, and on the other hand, it helps them build up their courage before they go on stage.

Singing competition begins. The overall stage design of this year's competition is mainly red and yellow. Yellow symbolizes hope and liveliness, red represents passion.

The TICARE singers are ready.

NANCY, singing for the first time, sounded nervous and brave. At a young age, she plucked up the courage to stage, believing that this experience would make her rich in harvest.

EMMA,other contestant.The audience was enraptured by her rendition of the classic "My Heart Will Go On". The classic lines of "You Jump, I Jump" are ringing in my ears again and again.


I believe that the music composed by us this year will not be inferior to the past, just as the music has been transmitting the warmth and power. Every year we get better, because singing is the best you look.
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