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Jul 14 , 2020

The baby can't grow healthily without the mother's careful care!

The safety of baby products

Baby products, also known as baby products, are professional health products for special groups such as infants aged 0-3 years.Special physique special physiological and psychological needs, the national Health organization has put forward a very high demand for baby products.Therefore, the choice of baby supplies, the requirements are very strict.

Key points to buy baby products

1. Have a detailed understanding of the origin of the product and the qualifications of the manufacturing company or distribution company;
2. The quality inspection report of the product should be checked in detail, and there will be product trial experience report for some products;
3. No baby products can not choose, not credulous advertising, to master the method of selecting products;
4. Choose baby products, try to choose good after-sales service manufacturers or distributors, you can learn about the users of the brand and product reputation online!
5. We should guard against the fraud of fake brands and fakes.Brand packaging identification query;No certificate number do not buy, no matter where the sale must obtain the local quality authority issued by the card NUMBER;Quality inspection report refers to the batch of products, the enterprise itself can be issued, credibility is low.Identify whether fake foreign goods, the commonly used method is to go up national authority website (basically be qualitative inspect a department, industrial and commercial administration department), the qualification that inquires manufacturer, how does the enterprise pack, also can't pass this close.
6. For electronic and electrical products, the testing standards formulated by the state have been referring to the corresponding standards of the United States and Europe. The quality of domestic electrical appliances has been relatively stable for many years, and the output of Chinese electrical appliances accounts for more than 50% of the world.

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