Chinese traditional Valentine's Day
Aug 25 , 2020

Chinese traditional Valentine's Day:The origin of Qixi Festival

In China, on the night of the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th Lunar Month, the weather is warm and the flowers and trees of Zhi smell fragrant. This is what is commonly known as the Qixi Festival Dao, and some people also call it the "Qiqiao Festival" or "daughter's Day. " This is a traditional Chinese festival in the most romantic color of a festival, but also in the past the girls most important day. On a clear summer and autumn night, the sky was ablaze with stars. A White Milky Way stretched across the North and south. On each bank of the river, there was a shining star, facing each other across the river. That was Altair and Vega. Qixi sitting to see the morning glory Vega Star, is a folk custom, according to legend, in the night of each year, is the sky weaver and cowherd meet in the Magpie Bridge. ZHINU is a beautiful, smart, clever fairy, mortal women on this day and night to her begging for wisdom and skills, but also to her to ask for a happy marriage, so the seventh day of July is also known as Qiqiao Festival.

In our company, before and after the festival, there are corresponding activities party, staff like outdoor activities, but also put down the pressure please enjoy, play the end, and share delicious food, is essential!

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