Disposable Medical 0.5g cotton wool balls

Small body, big effect, the necessity that solves a wound!
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Disposable Medical cotton wool balls

Ticare White Color Absorbent 0.5g Cotton Balls

Ticare White Color Absorbent 0.5g Cotton Balls has CE and FDA certificates and meets European and American standards. 

Medical cotton ball made of medical absorbent cotton, white soft and elastic white fiber, no color spots, stains and foreign matter, odorless, tasteless.There are two types of medical cotton balls: sterile supply and non-sterile supply.Medical cotton ball is the main sanitary material used in the medical industry for dressing, protecting and cleaning patients' wounds. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, has good water absorption and is easy to use.

Product Details

Baby Nipple Digital Thermometer For mouth Use

Disposable Medical cotton wool balls


 Product Parameter



Material cotton
Color white or colored
OEM Avilable
weight 0.5g,1g


Medical cotton ball and medical alcohol disinfection cotton ball, medical iodine disinfection cotton ball, is made by medical absorbent cotton ball soaked in a certain concentration of disinfectant, mainly used in adults and children over 2 years old skin mucosa sterilization.The medical cotton ball has a high requirement for sterilization.In addition, for the selection of absorbable cotton raw materials for making cotton balls, the raw materials that meet the requirements of national standards and industrial standards must be selected.

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Fujian Xiamen TICARE Import And Export Co.,Ltd. Specializes In Medical, Production And Sales Of Medical. It's Main products include manual resuscitator, Medical bandage, Medical Tape, Rehabitation Equipments,Non-woven products.Our company is professional manufacture hospital using uniform and hospital shoes and so on. There are professional manufacture team and sales team and after sales service department.

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Our factory specializes in the production of medical consumables, the manufacturing team of  the medical device industry, the sales team and the after-sales service department.



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 Most of consumables sample could be free for you. But as a basic, sample freight collect.

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