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Portable Home CPAP Breathing Machine for Snoring Treatment

This is a portable home CPAR ventilator that can treat asthma, snoring, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, apnea, and other diseases. It can help you understand your breathing state during sleep and provide auxiliary treatment.
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    20 to 30 days
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1. Four work modes: CPAP,S,T,S/T
2. APCV mode: Assist pressure control ventilation
3. Dynamically monitor the treatment effect
4. Real-time alarm in case of failure

5. Light weight: 2.0kg

Scope of application:

Assistant therapy of respiratory disease,PHD(Pulmonary heart disease),COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),Motor neurons.

More Details:




3.5 Inch color TFT

Work mode


Inspiration Pressure


Inspiration sensitivity

Auto,1-6 level

Expiration Pressure


Inspiration sensitivity

Auto,1-6 level




1-3 level (2-4cm H2O), makes the expiration more comfortable




1-6 Level

Inspiration time




Auto On/Off

Auto off while tube/mask off, Auto on when it detects breath

Leakage compensation




Parameter monitor


Realtime Alarm

Power failure/Low voltage/Airway Block/Low MV/High Leakage/humidifier failure/TF card full/High Pressure/Low Pressure/Replace Filter

Data download

TF Card 8G

Self-diagnostic questionnaire(Epworth)

Yes, makes patient understand the potential breathing apnoea by himself.

Net Weight/Size

2.2kg, 280*200*112mm(Host+humidifier)

Gross Weight/Size



2 years

Type CPAP breathing machine

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