Power Outages Hit China: Rising Cost of Raw Material Effected and Delivery Become More Longer
Oct 12 , 2021

Since the second half of 2020, the global supply chain crisis erupted to congestions at pors, delayed commodity supplies and suging shipping prices in may parts of the world. There are many cost of raw material are all rising again since Sep.2021, such as Cotton, Gauze, Stainless Steel, Iron, PVC, Glass, Oil etc. Therefore, the cost of gauze bandage, gauze swab, medical bandage, surgical tape, wheelchairs, sphygmomanometer, breathing mask, catheter are all rising now.

The price of raw materials for the production of medical consumables continues to rise.

The electricity is suddenly in short supply in much of China.More regions of the world are reopending after pandemic-induced lockdown,greatly increasing demands for China’s electricity hungry export factories.

Power outage effected factories production, such as manufacturing 2 days but stop 5 days or manufacture 2 days, but stop 5 days, the delivery time become more longer than before, general 10-30days difference, but now 30-70 days difference.

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