The Development Market of Medical Consumables
Aug 26 , 2021

Medical consumables refer to the medical and sanitary materials used in the process of clinical diagnosis, nursing, scientific research and testing. They have a wide range of varieties and models and are widely used. They are an important material basis for medical institutions to carry out daily medical and nursing work. According to specific uses, medical consumables can be divided into vascular interventional consumables, orthopedics consumables, neurosurgery consumables, non-vascular interventional consumables, dental consumables, blood purification consumables, ophthalmological consumables, electrophysiological consumables, medical sanitary materials, injection puncture consumables, Medical disinfection consumables, anesthesia consumables, operating room consumables, medical technology consumables, etc.; from the perspective of value, medical consumables can be divided into high-value medical consumables and low-value medical consumables, among which low-value medical consumables refer to clinical multidisciplinary Commonly used low-value disposable medical materials, such as gauze, cotton swabs, gloves, syringes, etc.

High-value medical consumables refer to medical consumables that directly act on the human body, have strict requirements for safety, have a large amount of clinical use, are relatively expensive, and have a heavy burden on the masses.

High-value medical consumables

After years of development, my country's medical consumables industry has basically formed an open competitive market. With the deepening of economic globalization, foreign medical consumables products have fully participated in the domestic market competition, the degree of marketization has continued to deepen, and the number of competitors has continued to increase.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of enterprises' awareness of independent innovation, the continuous improvement of technical level, and the government's policy support for the medical consumables industry, a number of leading technology-leading enterprises have emerged in China, and the medical consumables market will surely enter the fast lane of healthy development.

Compared with the international market, there are a large number of domestic companies, but there are shortcomings in the development of individual companies that are small in scale, weak in technology, homogenized product competition, and low in market concentration.

Looking at the domestic and foreign medical consumables market, most Chinese companies are still at the low-end level. In the face of fierce market competition, many companies still use price as their main means of competition, and only some medical consumables with independent brands are competitive.

At the same time, the lack of extensive cooperation has also led to the unbalanced development of my country's medical high-value consumables industry and the lack of core and effective competitiveness. However, well-known foreign companies have obvious competitive advantages in the high-end market by virtue of their technical performance and quality standards.

High-value medical consumables

How to do

In the future, competition in domestic and foreign markets will become more fierce, and market changes will become increasingly complex. Grasping the latest policies and regulations, clarifying market positioning, understanding customer needs, and mastering high-precision technology will be the internal driving force for the rapid development of medical consumables companies.

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