TICARE Family In The Mid-Autumn Festival
Sep 25 , 2020

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar.For centuries, the Mid-Autumn Festival has encouraged family reunions, big feasts and enjoyment of a beautiful full moon. It entrusts thousands of Chinese people's best wishes for family happiness. It is the family-nation complex and cultural spirit that the Chinese nation has inherited endlessly.

Butfor people in Xiamen, their exciting games have just started. A special custom “Moon-cake Gambling” will take place in every Mid-autumn Festival. Gambling? Right, but it is definitely legal. It is played only around the Mid-Autumn Festival. Because the stakes among the locals are mooncakes - and that is how this unique celebrating activity has got its Chinese name "Bo Bing."

On every Mid-Autumn Festival, family members gather to gamble mooncakes. When walking along streets in this tiny island during this time, you will hear the pleasant silvery sound of the dice rolling.Cheers of winning or loss are everywhere. Also cake confectioneries will produce many kinds of gambling cakes to cater to the market. Xiamen people believe that the winner in the game will have good luck in that year. And the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second important holiday in Xiamen besides Spring Festival. Nowadays, the mooncakes are not the only kind of award. With the upgrade of people's living standards, daily necessities, household appliances and even money can also be won.

On September 25th, TICARE held the Mid-Autumn Festival biscuits activity of "Mid-Autumn Festival, Heart Gathering in TICARE". Everyone gathered together to spend the "Home" festival.“Moon-cake Gambling”FIGHT!

Moon-cake Gambling & Dinner,Mid-Autumn Festival is here as promised, never absent. Wish you all a rewarding experience in your future work and life! And happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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