Happy National Day , We Fight With The COVID-19 Together.
Oct 01 , 2020

2020 is destined to be a special year. Not only China's Mid Autumn Festival and national day are on the same day, but also because the COVID-19 get everyone too much pain.The sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus has changed our lives.

Recently, I saw a photo of a group of medical staff taking off their masks. Due to long hours of wearing medical equipment and experiencing multiple days of overload, many people’s cheeks are allergic and swollen; some people wear them by themselves to save time Wearing adult diapers; in order to avoid cross-infection, the female nurse cut off her beautiful long hair and shaved her head; and the bridge of her nose was rubbed with blood from the mask and goggles, which is really teary and distressing. But the deep indentation and the exhausted look cannot stop the beauty of the doctor; the firm eyes still shine with the light of victory; the young children visit the nurses’ mothers who have not returned home for a few days through the protective fence; some still A child in his early 20s, changing his clothes, learned to be like his predecessors, "do what I have learned, and do my best", racing against time and death-defying.

Whether facing floods, earthquakes, SARS, or encountering financial crises or trade frictions, we have been unrelenting and unremitting struggle to overcome one difficulty after another and create one miracle after another. Medical workers give up the time to be reunited with their relatives, are not afraid of the risk of being infected by the virus, and are on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, regardless of remuneration, fear of life and death, and conditions. These are shining with the glory of humanity and are fighting the epidemic. The busy figures on the battlefield have gathered into an invincible Chinese force!

An epidemic, a battlefield. A battlefield will have sacrifices. No one can be an "outsider" in epidemic prevention and control. We are with you in the "epidemic" of this war. If we work together, the epidemic will be defeated. One day, we will take off the "masks", go where we want to go, and sing my dear motherland.

Finally,TICARE wishes everyone National Day and happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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