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TICARE® Neonatal Stethoscope

The Neonatal Stethoscope is a lightweight neonatal perinatal stethoscope for effective auscultation of infants and newborns. This fully rotating dual-head stethoscope easily switches between diaphragm and bell for low and high frequency auscultation.
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If you're looking for the durability of a stethoscope, look no further than this dual-headed baby-newborn stethoscope. This stethoscope is made of a combination of stainless steel and PVC pipe, which is strong and durable. The PVC tube is also latex and insulation free, so it provides superior sound quality and eliminates external noise that could interfere with patient assessment.

The chest piece on this stethoscope is ideal for evaluating the youngest and most vulnerable patients. The lukewarm edge provides patient comfort, while the deep bell amplifies even the lowest frequencies.

This stylish stethoscope is available in three vibrant colors to cheer up your young patients, including pale blue, pink and purple. Stainless steel gives the entire stethoscope a professional look, perfect for any office or hospital setting. For convenience, an ID tag is also included.

Main Feature
- Durable stainless steel construction
- PVC pipes are latex free and insulated
- Deep bells make low frequency sounds clear
- Three fun color options - blue, pink and black
- For convenience, clip the ID tag to the stethoscope


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