TICARE: the 4th '168 Voices' Singing Songs Competition. Grand Occasion!
Oct 17 , 2020

Today is October 17, TICARE MEDICAL is hosting the fourth "168 Voices"! Now follow my step to learn more about the grand event!


Thevenue for this event is Mengtian Music Bar. Contestants and logistics teams from various companies have arrived one after another. At the entrance, we can see that the staff is using our forehead thermometer to measure the body temperature of each person entering the venue. If the body temperature is normal, you can enter the venue. In addition, each of us wears a mask. Protect our health!

Enter the bar, look around, the bar has been beautifully arranged. On the background board of the stage, the theme of this event is "Cheer for youth, sing for yourself".

Our strong singer - AKA

Our Support Team: Lantern Headgear, Flowers...

The Arrival of Foreign Partner - Sam

Wonderful Moment

The Boss Chorus

Exciting! Congratulations to AKA for winning the "Popularity Award"

The 4th "168 Voices" was successfully concluded! Looking forward to the next event.

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